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At Upper Hutt College students will use their digital devices in the classroom in many ways:

  • researching information on the web
  • note-taking and completion of written work and assessments
  • reading online text books or e-books
  • collaborating with other students on shared documents and projescts
  • sharing information easily with teachers
  • access class resources, support or extension materials
  • develop and present their ideas and learning through Powerpoint and Prezi
  • use email to communicate
  • develop portfolios of learning (e-portfolios)

Upper Hutt College uses Google Apps for Education, which is a free suite of productivity tools including Gmail, Drive and Docs. Students’ work can be saved 'in the cloud’ so it is accessible from school and home.

Students will still have access to computers at school. We have classroom suites of computers that teachers have access to, and there are computers in the school library and in some of the shared learning areas. We also have a number of sets of Chromebooks that teachers can book out for classes.

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