Principal's Welcome

6 Pwebjt1Upper Hutt College has been a successful part of this community for 60 years. We are a school with a strong tradition of excellence in academic achievement, and of excellence in sport, cultural activities and the performing arts.

We have high academic expectations of our students and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning, through the setting and reviewing of learning goals and the tracking of their own achievement. At the junior level, co-operative and independent learning activities, learning assistance and programmes for gifted and talented students are provided. At the senior level, a diverse range of curriculum opportunities offer academic and vocational options, and career and tertiary educational guidance assist our students in developing future pathways beyond school.  

We offer a wide range of sporting activities for our students and they achieve considerable success at the local, national and international level in both traditional activities and more diverse endeavours. Student creativity is nurtured and is a feature of our college. Students are able to express themselves in areas of music, art, drama and media studies.  

A strength of our school is the student-centred House system which encourages student participation and involvement throughout the year and provides many opportunities for the development of student leadership.   

Students are supported and encouraged by high quality, committed staff, who, through ongoing professional learning, are constantly looking for new ways in which to teach, challenge and support our students. Our students will receive the best possible education in a safe, encouraging and orderly learning environment where they will have many opportunities to discover and develop their talents.  

Our engaging curriculum and how we teach and an extensive building and refurbishment programme has enabled us to provide a 21st century teaching and learning environment. Upper Hutt College students  learn in attractive, up-to-date and ICT- rich facilities, catering for a range of teaching and learning needs.   

I invite you to be part of Upper Hutt College and its exciting journey. Please feel free to contact us – we are happy to discuss the ways in which your son or daughter will benefit from being part of our college.  



Judith Taylor