Learning Support Coordinator

Learning Support Coordinators (LSC’s) are in every school, intermediate and college in Upper Hutt. They are a part of the Upper Hutt community.

The role of the LSC at Upper Hutt College is to work with those students whose learning and behavioural needs require more specialised support than is provided by our usual guidance and pastoral system. Our LSC – Marina Kaichis – will work alongside these students, whānau, teachers, and external agencies, to help support students with these needs. Marina can be an advocate for whānau and their child and can guide them as they work their way through any available support.

Marina’s role is especially important in supporting these students and whānau as they move from intermediate or full primary schools to the college, and she continues to work with the students as they settle into college.

If you have a child who has worked with the LSC at their previous school, or who you think may require this extra support, please get in touch with our school’s Learning Support Coordinator:

Marina Kaichis

kaichism@upperhutt. school.nz