The school uniform is worn by all students. It is available from NZ Uniforms in Lower Hutt and you can order online or visit their shop. Further information can be found on the NZ Uniforms website.

The college stresses the importance of wearing the uniform tidily and correctly and reserves the right to loan students second- hand items of uniform, withdraw students from class or send students home if they are not in the correct uniform.

Junior students (Years 9 and 10)

Junior Uniform1

  • Sky blue monogrammed polo shirt
  • Royal blue monogrammed jersey OR
  • Royal blue monogrammed sweat top
  • Green Ancient Douglas design kilt OR
  • Grey cotton drill shorts (these may be worn by all students)
  • Roman sandals in brown, blue or black, worn without socks or tights (not gladiator style or platform sole sandals). Please check Uniform - Shoes Page for examples OR
    Approved black leather school shoes worn with either white socks for girls (worn above the ankle and below the knee), tights in navy, black or tan, OR Upper Hutt College grey socks for boys. 

* Please note

Due to Health and Safety regulations, we are required to ensure that students wear appropriate footwear in some classes and courses - approved black leather school shoes that are non-slip and fully cover the top of the foot with no holes (other than for shoelaces) in the upper. In Science, where students will be involved in experiments which use hazardous substances, teachers will endeavour to inform students when they need to wear appropriate footwear. In Technology classes eg Woodwork, Metalwork and Foods Technology practical lessons, students must also wear appropriate footwear.

Senior Girls (Years 11 to 13)

Senior Uniform Pic1 

Senior girls may wear the uniform for Junior students as detailed above, or the following:

  • Upper Hutt College white dress shirt worn with girls cross-over tie (in place of the polo shirt)
  • Upper Hutt College black dress pants (These pants need to reach the top of the shoe and be straight cut, not skinny cut)
  • Black ie faitaga with white shirt and tie with appropriate uniform footwear

Senior Boys (Years 11 to 13)

Senior boys may wear the uniform for Junior students as detailed above, or the following:

  • White dress shirt worn with Upper Hutt College tie (in place of the polo shirt) AND
  • Upper Hutt College black dress trousers. (These pants need to reach the top of the shoe and be straight cut, not skinny cut)
  • Royal blue monogrammed jersey
  • Black ie faitaga with white shirt and tie (Footwear to wear with the ie faitaga is either black leather shoes and black socks or approved brown or black sandals with a back strap)

PE Uniform (for all students doing Physical Education)

  • Upper Hutt College PE top and shorts
  • Sports shoes with non-marking soles worn with sports socks

Additional items include:

  • Upper Hutt College rain jacket (lightweight or winter weight)
  • Upper Hutt College blazer (optional for seniors)
  • Upper Hutt College scarf, beanie, cap or bucket hat
  • Yellow and blue tie for Year 13 students only


  • Students are expected to be clean and well presented. Uniform is to be worn correctly
  • A plain white short-sleeved t-shirt or polyprop top may be worn beneath the school polo shirt
  • Hair is to be clean and tidy - no extreme cuts, styles or unnatural colours
  • Boys must be clean shaven
  • Makeup which portrays a natural look or has an unobtrusive appearance is acceptable
  • Nail polish is not permitted
  • Students may wear two plain studs or sleepers in each ear, a wristwatch and one flat ring
  • Taonga and necklaces of religious/cultural significance may be worn provided they are not visible
  • One small plain nose stud is allowed but it must be a small, plain stud. No other visible piercing (including septum, tongue, or eyebrow piercing).

Uniform is available from New Zealand Uniforms. Parents and caregivers please note - if you are unsure if an item will be accepted as part of our uniform, please contact the Dean of your child BEFORE purchasing.