Accelerated Learning

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We have a dedicated accelerated learning class at both Years 9 and 10 and students are invited to be a part of this class based on testing and assessment data from the previous year.

Students follow the same curriculum as all students in Years 9 and 10, although the expectations in terms of homework, quality of assignments and pace of learning are significantly higher. Students in these classes still choose option subjects, but stay together English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and Health.

Students love being a part of this stimulating learning environment and all students regularly engage in critical thinking and collaborative learning which helps to develop their skills to new levels. Some students in our Year 10 accelerated class, who have shown exceptional ability in English, Maths or Science, may be accelerated into NCEA Level 1 classes for the year in that particular subject. We have had students enjoy exceptional results from this move and it also allows these students to study a subject at NCEA Level 2 and NCEA Level 3 a year earlier. At the end of each year, both accelerated classes work hard to showcase to their whānau all their impressive learning and work from the year in an enjoyable evening known as ‘Celebration of Learning’.

If you have any questions regarding this programme at Upper Hutt College, please contact Ms Kath Barr, Assistant Principal at [email protected]