We partner with OfficeMax MySchool to make it easier for you to get the back-to-school stationery requirements for your student.

Recommended stationery lists for subjects can be found by clicking the link OfficeMax  then searching for Upper Hutt College.

You can purchase online and have the items delivered to the door. Some specialist subjects hold stocks of items at the school - eg Art, DVC, and information will be distributed by the subject teachers.

Please note that some subjects, mainly in the senior area, have resources (eg workbooks) that students may wish to purchase for their own personal use, regardless of whether the resources are provided during classtime. Teachers will have more information in the first week of school.

Stationery lists are now available at Office Max. See link above. 

The link below lists stationery requirements at all year levels for 2022

Stationery List For 2022 - all levels