Our host families are seen as an essential part of your experience in New Zealand and at Upper Hutt College. They will provide you with love, care and support and welcome you as a member of their family. You will learn about the New Zealand culture and lifestyle from your homestay and this experience will form the basis of lifelong friendships.


All homestays are located in the local Upper Hutt area and we have options in both urban and semi-rural home environments for our international students. All host families have undergone police checks and we conduct regular home visits before and during our students’ time at our college. Part of the requirements of host families is a separate bedroom and area for study so students will also have their own space when they want some quiet time at home. 

Finding the right host family for international students is a very important part of our role and the information you provide in the student enrolment application form is crucial to this. We use the information about yourself, interests, and lifestyle in your home country to form the basis of our selection to a host family. We want to know why you have chosen to come to New Zealand and what you would like to achieve while you are here. Our host families are interested in your culture and value the learning you will bring to their family unit. You will get to know some of their friends and family, and they will show you around our beautiful region. 


Our International Homestay Manager – Amanda Sharkey - is available to support both students and their host families. She takes a personal interest in their well being and is actively involved in the placement of every student. Amanda operates an open-door policy at school and genuinely wants our students to make the best of their time in New Zealand. She takes great pleasure in being associated with students from across the globe and is always available to help with any issues. 

Before you arrive in New Zealand you will be sent a family profile telling you about your host family and we encourage you to make contact with them. Our school will also send you information on living in New Zealand to help you feel settled, safe and secure in your new environment.

Turner Family With Maite German Student