Learning Support


Upper Hutt College offers a range of learning support options for your child. Our well equipped Learning Support Department offers help in several ways, depending on the needs of the learner.

The first level of support is to place a teacher aide within a core class in order to increase the amount of support given to learners who may need extra one-on-one time. This level of support also enables the teacher to offer a more differentiated programme, as they have an extra set of eyes to oversee alternative learning tasks. 

The second level of support in Year 9 is a targeted literacy and/or numeracy programme. Students are offered this course based on need.The course, which is called Foundation Skills, replaces one of the option subjects, so that students still attend all of their core classes. Students engage in individualised learning programmes, that target their individual areas of need. This class is kept small in order to ensure that progress is closely monitored and appropriate learning tasks are offered in order to accelerate learning. 

The third level of support is in the learning assisted core class. Students are placed in this class when they are below expectation in both literacy and numeracy.  As this is a core class, the students in this class are together for English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Health. The teachers of this class work hard to adapt teaching and learning to match the needs of the students. Teachers regularly meet together to ensure cross-curricular links are relevant and engaging for students. Students are empowered to own their learning progress and have a say on how they want to learn. 

For further information, please contact Karla Lister, HOD Learning Support.