Year 10 Programme - Thursday 19 - Friday 27 September

There will be a change in where Year 10 students will work as we are no longer able to use Lane Park Church.

Please note the following:

Wednesday 18 September - @ Lane Park Church

Thursday 19 and Friday 20 September - Learning at Home.

Students are asked to continue their learning by working through the activities in the following materials. A hard copy will be given to students on Wednesday 18 September and emailed to parents and caregivers.

Year 10 Learning From Home Programme          Social Studies Concept Map Instructions

Monday 23 - Friday 27 September - @ Silverstream Retreat, 3 Reynolds Bach Drive, Stokes Valley

The Year 10 programme will continue from this venue, which offers a number of rooms and plenty of outside space. Students will continue to be overseen by Ms Amy Perkins, Assistant Principal, Ms Teresa Cargo, Year 10 Dean and Mrs Charles, Junior Dean.

Key Information

  • Information on starting times and timetables is still being put together. We will update here when that information is confirmed
  • Bus information - We are working with the Ministry of Education and bus companies to ensure students are transported to and from Silverstream Retreat. We will advise you of the details when they are confirmed (please note, this may not be available until the end of the week).
  • All students are required to be in full and proper school uniform
  • All school rules apply at all times
  • All students to bring Refill paper and pencil case
  • Students will be NOT be able to buy food at this venue. Students will need to bring their own morning tea and lunch
  • Students whom we feel are not coping with these changes will be asked to continue their learning at home during this time. We will provide sufficient work.

Absences & Contacting UHC

  • Please contact UHC Office as you would normally for any matter regarding your child. Phone 04 527 8749 or email [email protected]
  • For student absences, please contact UHC in the normal way. It is essential that you let us know if your child will be away from school
  • You can contact key staff by email - Amy Perkins ([email protected]), Teresa Cargo ([email protected]), Haley Charles ([email protected])

Student Wellbeing

We are very mindful of the impact that these events and subsequent changes may have on our students. Our Counsellors will be a very visible presence at Maidstone Intermediate and Silverstream Retreat and will be monitoring students for any signs of anxiety or stress.

We are very fortunate to be able to operate at Silverstream Retreat

Please respect their rules and facilities