Teaching & Learning @ Maidstone Intermediate

The Year 9 students are based at Maidstone Intermediate, under the supervision of Stephen Rodger (Assistant Principal) and Kath Cowley (Year 9 Dean). A team of teachers are working with students. many of whom are already familiar faces to the students. 

They are roughly following the Maidstone Timetable, with their day divided into 3 Teaching and Learning sessions, which is quite a change from their normal school day of 5 1-hour periods.

One of the more interesting aspects is that the UHC students are also following the Maidstone policy of no cellphones - and there have been NO problems with our students managing to get through the day without their phone! (Food for thought!)

The first 3 days of the Satellite School have been great - with wonderful feedback from the students and teachers. The week started with a powhiri, and students were introduced to their area of the school - 6 classrooms with plenty of space to spread out!

The lessons have been different from the normal run-of-the-day, limited by the classroom resources, but certainly made up for by the ingenuity of our staff.

Students have continued with their learning in English, Maths, Science and Social Studies, PE & Health. The options have been rotated on a daily basis, so students have been able to turn their hands to cupcake design, drama, PE at H2O etc.

Huge thanks go to the Principal of Maidstone Intermediate - Mary O'Regan - and her staff. They have literally opened their doors to us, and their help, assistance and patience has meant we have been able to settle in easily from the start of Day 1 and allowed the students to navigate the disruption and continue with their learning in a friendly and settled environment.

Below, some photos from during the week.

Img 0609  M12

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