Teaching & Learning @ Lane Park

The Year 10 students are based at Lane Park Church (LPC), under the supervision of Amy Perkins (Assistant Principal), Teresa Cargo (Year 10 Dean) and Haley Charles (Junior Dean). Awhina students are also working from LPC.

The first week of the LPC Satellite School has been great - with wonderful feedback from the students and teachers. This was a very different environment, with students working out of the large auditorium, as well as 3 separate rooms in other areas. However, they have made it work over the week, and students have worked in class groups, small and larger groups. They have been flexible and resilient.

The students have their day divided into 3 Teaching and Learning sessions, which is quite a change from their normal school day of 5 1-hour periods. The day starts with a brief assembly, so everyone knows what is happening.

The lessons have been different from the normal run-of-the-mill lessons. Students have continued with their learning in English, Maths, Science and Social Studies, PE & Health. The options have been rotated on a daily basis, so students have been able to turn their hands to other areas eg Drama, Foods and Dance, Technology

One of the interesting aspects of the Year 10 programme is that all students eat their lunch together in the adjacent cafetaria. After 10mins or so, they are free to go on their way - playing outside, staying in the cafetaria, or having some quiet time in the auditorium. It certainly leads to less litter in the grounds and the students don't seem to have an issue with this process. Food for thought!

Below, some photos from the week.

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   17 (medium)   16 (medium)  5 (medium)

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