Maidstone Intermediate Satellite School - Year 9

All Year 9 students will work from Maidstone Intermediate School, Redwood St, Elderslea, Upper Hutt 5018

We will be working from a number of classrooms on the Maidstone Intermediate site, and specific teachers have been allocated to teach our students over this time. They may not be their regular teachers. They will be overseen by Mr Stephen Rodger, Assistant Principal, and Ms Kath Cowley, Year 9 Dean.

Key Information

  • Students are asked to be at the Maidstone Intermediate School Hall by 8.45am on Monday 9 September for a powhiri. Thereafter, we will be working to the timetable as shown below (updated).
  • All students are required to be in full and proper school uniform
  • All students to bring Refill paper and pencil case
  • Students will be able to buy their lunch from the Maidstone Intermediate tuck shop
  • We will be following Maidstone Intermediate's cellphone policy - All cellphones must be handed into our teachers at the start of the day. No exceptions. They will be returned at the end of the day.
  • Please respect Maidstone Intermediate staff and facilities as we are their guests
  • All school rules apply at all times
  • Students whom we feel are not coping with these changes will be asked to continue their learning at home during this time. We will provide sufficient work

Absences & Contacting UHC

  • Please contact UHC Office as you would normally for any matter regarding your child. Phone 04 527 8749 or email [email protected]
  • For student absences, please contact UHC in the normal way. It is essential that you let us know if your child will be away from school
  • You can contact key staff by email - Stephen Rodger ([email protected]), Kath Cowley ([email protected]


  • All buses that operate to bring students to UHC in the morning will continue to run and will include a pick up at Upper Hutt College (Moonshine Road) and a drop off at Maidstone Intermediate and Lane Park Church in that run
  • All buses that operate to take students home at the end of the day will continue to run and will include a pick up from Maidstone Intermediate and Lane Park Church and a drop off at Upper Hutt College (Moonshine Road) in that run
  • Please see Transport Arrangements - Buses tab for further information

Structure of the Day

The day's timetable will look like this:


Teaching and Learning Session 1




Teaching and Learning Session 2


Lunch (10mins eating break)


Lunch break outside


Teaching and Learning Session 3


End of school

Student Wellbeing

We are very mindful of the impact that these events and subsequent changes may have on our students. Our Counsellors will be a very visible presence at all of our Satellite schools and will be monitoring students for any signs of anxiety or stress. We will also have access to Ministry of Education Trauma Incident resources if required.

We are very fortunate to be able to operate within Maidstone Intermediate School.

Please respect their rules and facilities