Fergusson Intermediate Satellite School - Senior Practice Exams

Senior Students who are scheduled to have Practice Exams for NCEA Level 1-3 will sit their exams in the Fergusson Intermediate School Hall. There may be some exams held at Trentham School. Please carefully check the Revised Exam Timetable on the green button below.

The exams will be overseen by Ms Janetta Van Maren (Deputy Principal) and Mr King.

Key Information

  • The NCEA Level 1 Practise MCAT exam will be held at Fergusson Intermediate Hall at 9am on Monday 9 September
  • The timetable for all other Senior Practice Exams and Workshops will start on Tuesday 10 September
  • All students are required to be in full and proper school uniform
  • All normal exam rules apply
  • Please be onsite for your exams NO EARLIER than 15 mins before the start of the exam and go straight to the Hall. Don't go into the rest of the Fergusson Intermediate grounds.
  • Please respect Fergusson Intermediate staff and facilities as we are their guests
  • All school rules apply at all times

Information for MCAT exam students (MAT101)

The HOD and Maths teachers have organised the following, to prepare students for the MCAT exam:

  • The 1-hour MCAT practice exam will take place on Monday 9 September, 9am at Fergusson Intermediate. Mr Gurney will be there to explain further.
  • A 2-hour MCAT feedback session will take place on Monday 16 September, 9am at Fergusson Intermediate. Teachers will provide feedback on the practice exam and answer any questions the students may have.
  • The actual 1-hour MCAT exam will take place on Tuesday 17 September, 9am at Fergusson Intermediate.

Revised Exam Timetable

(this replaces all previous timetables - please note the BIO 101 exam is on Monday 16 September - afternoon)

Revised Examination Timetable

Should you have a clash on this timetable, catch-ups at Trentham School take precedence if you need teacher assistance. Should two exams clash at Fergusson Intermediate, go to one and catch-up the second at a time when you have no assessment scheduled. It would help if you contacted your teacher or subject HoD to make sure an exam paper will be there for you.

Studying for the Exams - Be resilient and responsible

  • Stop worrying about the timing of the practice exams and workshops. That won't change.
  • Check the exam timetables for the day, time and place of your exams.
  • Draw up your own personal study timetable. This will include the exams and the times you can commit to studying. Studytime offers assistance, although there is paid content on its site.
  • Check what standards will be offered in your subject exam - organise your notes so you have the info at hand.
  • Your teachers are only an email away to answer your questions. Use other sites eg NZQA, or StudyIt for help.
  • Get together with friends to study. Check out other resources online.

Absences & Contacting UHC

  • Please contact UHC Office as you would normally for any matter regarding your child. Phone 04 527 8749 or email [email protected]
  • For student absences, please contact UHC in the normal way. It is essential that you let us know if your child will be away from school


  • All buses that operate to bring students to UHC in the morning will continue to run and will include adrop off at Upper Hutt College (Moonshine Road)
  • All buses that operate to take students home at the end of the day will continue to run and will include a pick up from Upper Hutt College (Moonshine Road)
  • Please see Transport Arrangements - Buses tab for further information

Student Wellbeing

We are very mindful of the impact that these events and subsequent changes may have on our students. Our Counsellors will be a very visible presence at all of our Satellite schools and will be monitoring students for any signs of anxiety or stress. We will also have access to Ministry of Education Trauma Incident resources if required.

We are very fortunate to be able to operate within Fergusson Intermediate School.

Please respect their rules and facilities