Head Students' Welcome

Kia Ora! 

Our names are Dakota Scott and Israel Sua-Taulelei, and we are both so honoured and blessed to have been chosen as the Head boy and Head girl for Upper Hutt College! The  passion and respect we have for the school pushes us everyday to do as much as we can to give back what the school has provided for us over the last four years because both of us believe in leading the school into a better tomorrow and a brighter future! 

The things we love most about our positions is that we have the opportunity to be the voice for our peers and being able to put whatever they say into action! We love being able to meet new people, make new friends, talk to people all over school and experience opportunities we never thought we’d experience! We couldn’t think of a better way to spend our last year at Upper Hutt college than to aid it into a better future! 

A couple of our main goals this year are to raise the school and the school spirit, together with awareness of mental health - as it’s a big focus that most people tend to overlook. With the help of our amazing staff, fantastic leadership team and our fellow peers these goals are well in reach of being achieved. As previous head students say it is extremely important to us that every single student at Upper Hutt college feels that sense of belonging here, not only in what they are achieving but in what their desires are to fulfil a fun and exciting year for them! 

We’d hope that everyone in our community gets involved wherever they can, which will not only bring us together, but also help lead our school to a brighter future in unity. 

Keep Moving Forward!