Stokes Valley buses impacted by roadworks from Monday 31 July

We have been advised by Metlink that upcoming roadworks on Eastern Hutt Road at the exit out of Stokes Valley will impact on all traffic going out of Stokes Valley, including school buses.

Metlink will be monitoring the situation closely for the first few days to see what the impact is, especially on school buses.

They will be checking the time buses arrive at school every day and will work with this information to see what they can do if the buses are continually late, as the roadworks are due to go on for several months. One of the options may be changing the departure time of the school bus to an earlier time, although this is not always as easy to do as it sounds. 

They have advised that it would be a good idea for students to have a Plan B to get to school, which may be an earlier public route bus to enable them to get to school on time. 

If there are any changes to times, Metlink will contact us and we will let you know.

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