Start of Year Information for Year 9 & Other New Students

The following information is for new Year 9 students and other new students:

Stationery information

There are two options for purchasing stationery for 2022:

1.            Use the Stationery List - here - and purchase at the retailer of your choice.

2.            Purchase stationery online via Office Max – here.

School uniform

All Upper Hutt College uniform is sold off-site through New Zealand Uniforms, and can be purchased on-line or in-store:

1.            Visit the website to view the college’s uniform requirements - here.

2.            Visit New Zealand Uniforms at 92 High Street, Lower Hutt, ph 0800 698 643.


Please ensure all items that your child brings to school are clearly named, especially their learning device and accessories and uniform.

Footwear in Science Labs

In order to comply with Health and Safety requirements, it is necessary for students to have acceptable footwear when they are in Science labs and handling hazardous substances. Information on this can be found here.

School buses

General information regarding school buses can be found here.

Absences & Parent Communications

Information on how to contact the school to advise of absences can be found here. We use the UHC App, which is available for downloading from the App Store or Google Play.