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Information for Parents / Caregivers

The process of online/distance/remote learning is a new one for most students in New Zealand, and certainly for our students and teachers. However, our teachers have been discussing and planning what [email protected] would look like for their students for several weeks, and were well into the preparation of activities and resources for students, both online and offline.

The announcement by the Prime Minister on Monday afternoon and the subsequent closing of the school for nearly all students an hour or so later took everyone by surprise, and like you, we were shocked at the news and its ramifications. The final minutes of school were spent in reassuring the students of the changes ahead, as well as giving them the opportunity to gather books and resources they needed before departing the school for at least the next four weeks. It was pretty hectic!


Teachers have prepared sufficient activities and resources to start [email protected], and more will be provided over the next few weeks. We have prepared two documents to help students and parents better understand remote/distance learning for Upper Hutt College students:


[email protected] – Guidelines for Students

[email protected] – Guidelines for Parents


These are quite wordy documents, as we didn’t have the opportunity before Monday to finalise many of the requirements or even go over these with students. Please take the time to read both carefully and go over the Guidelines for Students with your child.


We don’t expect to have this as a perfect process, and there will be changes and modifications as we go. However, we hope that [email protected], in its online and hardcopy versions, will meet the needs of the students and the school (and parents at this time!).