COVID Phase 3 - Rostering students home

UHC Response to COVID - rostering students home

The number of staff away, either because of COVID-related issues or other reasons, continues to rise, and this is causing a number of problems. We are finding it increasingly difficult to cover classes of teachers who are away, and teachers are losing non-contact time filling in for others on top of their own teaching load and normal wider-school responsibilities. This is not sustainable and therefore, the following response will be put into action:

  • Year 12 & 13 students will be independently learning at home for a period of 7 school days, starting Thursday 3 March, to Friday 11 March. They will return to school on Monday 14 March.
  • Year 10 & 11 students will then be independently learning at home for a period of 5 school days, starting Monday 14 March, to Friday 18 March. They will return to school on Monday 21 March.
  • Year 9 students will continue to learn at school.

 This hybrid model is NOT [email protected] as we have done over the last two lockdowns – there will be no compulsory google meets (although a class teacher may set one), and no Ako times – students will be learning, independently, on work that teachers will set, at home. 

 This means:

  • teachers will set work that can be accessed via the class Google classroom, or they will provide hard copy materials that students will take home. They may be available to answer questions etc, if isolating, but if they are sick, there is no expectation that they will also continue to work
  • chromebooks will not be available for students to take home – they will still be required at school for classes
  • any class trips already scheduled will go ahead, some itinerant music lessons will still be held – the specific teachers will clarify this with students. Sports trainings and games etc will continue as usual 

We will carefully monitor the process and review as we go. The aim is to keep disruption to a minimum and to keep the teaching and learning going as purposefully as possible. This period of time won’t last forever, and the health authorities predict that the worst will be over by the end of March. We all look forward to getting back to normal.