Student Support

In order for students to achieve their best at Upper Hutt College, we provide a number of support systems.

 We have:

  • The Form Teacher is the person who has overall responsibility for the day to day matters involving the student in his/her form class. S/he sees the class daily and is the person to whom routine notes and queries about absences, health matters, uniform etc should be directed.
  • Deans have a broad overview of their House and work with teachers, students and families on matters of guidance and discipline. Concerns regarding courses, subject changes or attendance can be directed to the   House Deans.
  • The Deputy Principals and Assistant Principals are also the Heads of each House and work closely with the Deans on matters relating to guidance and discipline. Queries regarding school policy or matters of a more serious nature may be directed to them or to the Principal.
  • The Heads of Department are in charge of the courses, resources and progress of students taking their subjects Queries related to a specific course or subject can be directed to the subject teacher or HOD concerned.
  • The Guidance Counsellors may be contacted by students or parents/caregivers on matters relating to school for personal issues.
  • The Careers Advisor helps students with queries regarding careers and future directions.
  • ‘GR8M8' (Great Mate) Leaders are specially trained senior students who work closely with Year 9 students helping them settle into college life.
  • Peer Tutors are senior students who choose to give up study time, or help at the Homework Club, to assist other students with reading or in particular subject areas.
  • The Homework Club which is run after school, supervised by teachers and senior students.