hillary march sports dayHouse System

To ensure that all students feel a sense of belonging within the school, we promote participation, build relationships between students of different levels and foster student leadership.

We have

  • A House System, where the school and its staff are divided into 4 Houses - Blake, Hillary, Jackson and Te Kanawa. A vigorous and well supported Inter-House Competition is run every year, with Houses competing for the Peter Lee Trophy. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of events, including Athletics Day, Upper Hutt College Week, Olympics of the Mind, a Singing contest and Inter-House sport.
  • Vertical form classes within each House, where every form class has a mixture of students from Years 9 to 13. These students stay in the same form class for the duration of their time at school and siblings are placed in the same House. This builds relationships between the Form Teacher and the family and provides a caring and supportive form class for all students and especially for Year 9 students.