Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

20170328 Upper Hutt College 104L-R  Jay Barr, Janetta van Maren, Judith Taylor, Amy Perkins, Stephen Rodger

Judith Taylor  

Deputy Principal – Blake House
Janetta Van Maren  

Assistant Principal – Te Kanawa House
Jay Barr  

Assistant Principal – Hillary House
Stephen Rodger  

Assistant Principal – Jackson House
Amy Perkins   (on maternity leave)
Jo Hawes          (Acting)


Deans & Guidance Counsellors

Blake House - Phil Chevis

Hillary House - Ingrid Hofsteede

Jackson House - Kath Cowley 

Te Kanawa House - Bruce Thomas    

Deans of the Junior School - Haley Charles & Teresa Cargo  

Guidance Counsellors - Mari Cribb, Sandy Tustin, Nigel Sutcliffe


Heads of Departments and Positions of Responsibility

Art                               Rachel Clark
Drama Jason Towersey 
English Jonathan Martin
International & ESOL Greg Mutch
Languages Jo Hawes
Learning Needs Karla Lister
Maori Jackie Awa
Mathematics Andrew Gurney
Media Studies Zondree Pierre
Pathways Karina Campbell
Music Jill Owen
Physical Education Stuart Berkeley
Science Catherine Laing
Social Sciences Lorraine Andrews
Special Needs Wendy Forde